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Sansom brings energy as new worship pastor

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016



Photo provided by Tyler Sansom

Driving six hours one way to catch a concert might seem extreme unless you’re a music lover, or unless you’re Tyler Sansom.  Sansom laughed when I asked him how he became connected with Northview Church, then he shared that he drove all the way from West Virginia to attend a Hillsong concert at the Carmel Campus two years ago. Sansom’s wife, Sarah, is an Indianapolis native so when they made the trip, it didn’t seem strange to be headed to Indianapolis. 

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New Beginnings

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016


As we move into the second month of this new year, I was curious about how our calendar came to be. Why do we only have 365 days per year? Was this part of God’s plan?

It started with creation. Genesis 1 explains that God created the heavens and the earth. At that time, the sun and moon were used to calculate seasons. The seasons became an indication for days and years. This became the Hebrew calendar and was calculated by establishing 12 or 13 months as one year. Many other measures of time, such as the Julian or Gregorian calendar were established as a follow up to the Hebrew calendar. They all followed solar and lunar measures to calculate time. The Gregorian calendar maintained that the earth’s rotation took 365 ¼ days to complete one year. This is the most common calendar followed today.

As you can see, even in the design of our universe, God had a plan for everything to start over. We see example after example in the Bible of people who were given a second chance. In John 8, Jesus released a prostitute from sin when no one else around her was able to throw the first stone. In John 9, he made a blind man see. There are many examples where God moves followers out of their present circumstances and into a promised land.

God offered new beginnings time-and-time-again for those who followed Him.

As you journey through 2016, don’t consider the latest fad diet or gym membership as your fresh start. Instead, consider what God has waiting for you. Perhaps you wish to be baptized and enjoy His promise that your sins are wiped clean. Maybe your fresh start is coming to church for the first time in many years. Whatever it is, God purposefully established this time from the very start. Pause and accept His grace over your life in 2016 and pray about your new beginning.

The Tuesday Spiritual Column is entirely the opinion of this week’s writer and does not necessarily reflect the view of Northview Church as a whole.

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Tips for Reading the Bible for the First Time

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016


Last month, I was inspired to start reading the Bible this year after I heard Northview Church Lead Pastor Steve Poe deliver a message on how to build strong bodies spiritually. What a wonderful way to spend time with God, learn from Him and grow in our faith! However, as someone who doesn’t love reading and is incredibly slow at it, this seems like a daunting task.

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