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A Reflection on Revelation: Where We Belong

Posted by on May 25, 2016


In this past weekend’s message Pastor Steve asked “What is your pathway to God?” and challenged us to go there to worship- not the worship of going through the motions or asking for blessings, but rather make the choice to be in His presence- the presence we all seek yet at times wonder if He is listening at all.

revelation indy north

Steve’s question got me thinking: What is my pathway for worship and, better yet, did I even have one? I believe every believer’s default position is that God is everywhere (Jeremiah 23:23); so why do I even need a pathway? I shouldn’t have to have a way to connect with Him because supposedly He is already there. This circular logic will get us believers every time, because intellectually it may be true, but relationally is on the other end of that spectrum.

We learned that worship is a choice and not a feeling.

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Stay Connected to Your Life Group This Summer

Posted by on May 23, 2016


Summer is for fun and relaxation. I have found that some of the best times in summer have been spent with our crazy bunch of Northview Life Group friends. Here are some ways to think about staying connected to Christ as a life group throughout your summer. Your challenge for this week is to choose a couple of these ideas and think of a couple more, then lead the way with your actions this summer and decide to stay connected.
oldham, stacey summer life group 5-23-16 4.5

Support each other.
Although you are apart, you can still support your life group. Perhaps your group leader collects and sends out prayer requests each week. While the kids are home, why not make some cookies and take them as a surprise to a fellow Life Group member. How about a simple email or text saying that you are thinking of your Life Group friends that day? There are so many ways to stay connected in care and support of one another.

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