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A Women’s Christmas Celebration

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014


The third annual Women@Northview Christmas Dinner, held on Friday, Dec. 5, provided a night of Christmas celebration as women came together not only for dinner but a time of rejuvenation. The keynote speaker motivated and entertained the attendees, and an outreach effort with a surprising twist encouraged the women who came.

christmas dinner

One of the beautiful tablescapes at the W@N Christmas Dinner. Photo by Sydney Hoek

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Our Church in a Photo: Good Neighbor

Posted by on Dec 17, 2014

The Good Neighbor Saturday Christmas Store held on Saturday, Dec. 13 at Northview was a huge success! Around 105 Families through Head Start, which included nearly 250 kids, were able to step into our church doors this past weekend to shop for Christmas. Upon arrival, volunteers spent time with the kids in a play area where they could play games, make crafts, hear a story, eat breakfast and even jump in a bounce house, all while their parents went through the “Christmas Store” to choose from part of the 3,800 gifts donated for their children. Volunteers were at each room helping parents pick out these gifts and then wrapped the gifts before the parents went back to pick up their children where they could get family pictures taken. This is a day these families will never forget!

What’s been your favorite outreach project this year?

good neighbor

Volunteers help during the Good Neighbor Saturday Christmas Store last weekend.

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Something more: a baptism story

Posted by on Dec 16, 2014


Open baptism at Northview

Open baptism at Northview Church

We started going to Northview several years ago after attending church for many years at various Presbyterian churches around the state of Indiana. We were married in a Presbyterian Church and raised our two daughters in that church life. Both daughters were married in the Presbyterian Church. However, we wanted something more!

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