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by La Tonya Jordan

To understand The Warehouse in ordinary terms, it’s is a place for West Lafayette college students to connect. The name speaks to the actual meeting space. The group actually meets in a renovated warehouse. “This is a life Group and mentoring based ministry, and we try to gather once a month to go out to eat, serve and hang out together,” Robbie Stewart, a leader of The Warehouse and West Lafayette Campus Pastor, said. “The goal is to have a place for all of our college students in Lafayette to come together and get to know each other. It is easy to attend on Sundays and go to a Life Group but still remain largely disconnected from the other people in the church that are at the same stage of life.”

The Warehouse is an environment to create broader connections. There are anywhere between 15-25 students who join each month. As a serving effort, the group has worked with Lafayette Transitional Housing and Brookside Community Church.

Most of the students learned about The Warehouse through word-of-mouth and Sunday morning services at the West Lafayette campus. The Warehouse is designed to supplement the weekend service and Life Group experience for those in college. However, it’s not a requirement to be enrolled in college or be of a certain age – all are welcome.

  • Lynn Griffith: Yes... He is everywhere and in everything. I am thankful for that.
  • Kelly Stewart: Thanks for sharing!!!!! I love how God is always present in our everyday lives teaching us and filling us!!!!! And using us to bless others…
  • Teri Knapp: I agree. I hope you realize what an impact you have had on people, not because of your amazing voice, but because we can see your passion for Christ t
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