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Northview hosts various drives for local nonprofits

Posted by on May 4, 2013


“How can I help?”

Hasn’t everyone found themselves asking this at one point or another?  “How can I help? I do not have much to give or time to offer, yet I want to help!”

Thankfully, Northview Church, with many staff and volunteers, has made it possible to fill that question with answers. The various drives that have become available to contribute have developed into an important piece of Outreach for Northview. “It helps us meet an immediate need in the community and it is a great way to serve and give of yourself while helping to strengthen our relationships with our community partners,” said Northview’s Local Outreach Coordinator Monica Polkow.

Filling those immediate needs is exactly why these drives are imperative to our Outreach programs. The everyday materials that many sift through or use are hardly mundane to others.  They are essentials that are perpetually sought after, which is why programs like the recently hosted diaper drive benefitting teenage mothers were so necessary and successful. There were 1,577 diapers collected and donated to B.A.B.E. in Noblesville. The B.A.B.E. “store” offers baby supplies and clothing at discounted prices to Hamilton County residents in exchange for coupons earned through prenatal visits, parent education and family support services visits. This is a great program because it gives the moms ownership and teaches responsibility when they are “shopping” for new items with “money” they have earned. For new baby items to donate to B.A.B.E., please contact Monica Polkow at

One of the least donated items are bras; when the Alternatives Women’s Shelter in Anderson needed them it seemed like a perfect fit for our women’s ministry at Northview. A call was made to see if donations were possible and a total of 55 bras came in. Some people assisted alone and others invited friends and co-workers to donate. This immediate need was met through the gift of many.

Northview’s first All Campus Drive was held recently at the Carmel campus to collect paper products. Local shelters go through a lot of toilet paper due to so many using just one supply. Pantries also distribute a lot of toiletries because these types of items cannot be bought with food stamps. This drive supported the Brookside Food Pantry, The O’Connor House, Third Phase, and IPS 54. Greater Lafayette’s campus blessed Lafayette Transitional Housing. Northview’s Carmel campus alone collected 653 items to fill that need and provided a healthy supply to those organizations.

Northview Church has hosted several drives recently, including an All-Campus Paper Drive (photo by Monica Polkow).

Northview Church has hosted several drives recently, including an All-Campus Paper Drive (photo by Monica Polkow).

The Box Top Drive is going strong at Northview as well. Currently 5,738 have been collected since December 2012, which has equated to $573.80. Shanna Thompson, Northview’s urban outreach coordinator, reported that “School 54 was actually third in the country for greatest increase in Box Tops this year. Their Box Tops increased 400 percent from last year to this year, in large part that was due to the Box Tops that Northview has given.”

More needs than can be fathomed exist, but you and I can help! These drives are paving a road for filling needs and bringing communities together. Keep looking in your weekly bulletins and announcements to see what drives are coming up next. For more information on drives, please contact Monica Polkow at For more information about Box Tops, contact Shanna Thompson at or call 317.846.2884.

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Wordless Wednesday

Posted by on May 23, 2012

Leave us a comment! What comes to mind when you see this picture?

Northview is helping to build a Habitat for Humanity house in Hamilton county. Photo by Monica Polkow

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Northview Church and Habitat for Humanity need YOU

Posted by on Apr 21, 2012


If the sound of power tools makes you want to run out and build something, we have the perfect service opportunity for you. Even if the sound of power tools makes you want to hide in the nearest closet, believe it or not, this same project is the perfect opportunity for you, too!

Northview Church’s Carmel campus committed to building a house with Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County (HFHHC) for the mission portion of the re.IMAGINE campaign.

Northview Church is joining forces with a group of Hamilton County United Methodist churches for the first-ever duplex to be built by Habitat for Humanity in Indiana. No skills or building experience is needed to volunteer on the build site. Many jobs are not difficult, yet they do take numerous sets of hands.

If you are willing to be hands-on for a day and follow instructions, then you are qualified. If you like to swing a hammer and work power tools, you are definitely qualified. If you like to get outside and enjoy fellowship with others while serving the community and getting a little sun, then you guessed it: you are qualified. The time is now. Ground is broken. The opportunity for you to step out to help the community is now.

Let’s build!

Every Friday and Saturday from now through July 28, Northview Church will help build on East 104th Street in HomePlace. There is space for 20 people to work each morning shift from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 20 people to work each afternoon shift from noon to 4 p.m. Volunteers can sign up for one or both shifts. During the overlap of shifts at noon, all people on-site will share lunch. To volunteer for the build, go to

Let’s serve the builders!

Volunteers must be 16 or older to participate on the work site, yet Northview has a special opportunity for families, young children and those not able to do physical labor to get involved. Each Saturday, two groups can sign up to provide lunch for those helping on the construction site. This is perfect for families who would like to serve together, as even small children can decorate lunch bags with stickers or draw pictures. Older children can make sandwiches and other lunch foods, put food in bags, and write encouraging notes for the workers…the sky is the limit! Also, children can help deliver the lunches; they are just not able to do actual work on the site. To volunteer for lunches simply go to and pick a date to sign up. Note: if the register button does not appear, that date is already taken.

Let’s make it happen!

Monica Polkow, local outreach coordinator at Northview’s Carmel campus, and Gretta Troyer, family services & volunteer coordinator for HFHHC, are working hard to coordinate this effort, and they are looking for many volunteers each weekend.

“We are excited to see re.IMAGINE in action and can’t wait to see how the Lord works in people’s hearts through this project,” Polkow said. “We are thrilled to be able to partner with Habitat for Humanity in helping create a place someone can call home. This is a great way to serve as an individual, family or life group and experience what it is to be a Good Neighbor.”

Please help us be a catalyst for change in the life of a local family. Help a family gain a stable environment to raise their children. What are you waiting for? Check your calendar. Sign up. Make a difference. You will be glad you did!

For more information and to get involved feel free to contact Monica Polkow, local outreach coordinator at Northview Church at or call 317.846.2884. You may also contact Gretta Troyer, family services & volunteer coordinator, HFHHC at or call 317.896.9423 ext. 5.

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