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Capstone offers a variety of resources for Life Groups

Posted by on May 3, 2012


Northview Church’s Carmel campus has 165 Life Groups that now have access to an onsite lending library.

On weekdays, the collection is located on a moving shelf in Capstone Café & Bookstore. On weekends, the collection is moved to the Atrium. There are 212 titles from a variety of speakers that comprise the collection, with 70 currently checked out.

Ron Chambers and Larry Good, two members of a long-standing Bible study group, came up with an action plan that involved resorting materials from a closet and creating an inventory spreadsheet. Chambers and Good, who currently serve as coordinators for the library, noted that others helped set up the library space as well.

Chris Wolf modified a space for DVDs, Gene Gabbard constructed a DVD return box, and Chambers’ wife, Vivian, sent e-mail reminders in an effort to locate materials checked out from the previous system. Most recently, Scott Holt, another member of the same Bible study group, has gotten the program high-tech! Scott generously wrote a software program to interface with a laptop to make the check-out process very simple for Life Group leaders.

“We wanted to provide our Life Group leaders with a variety of sound Biblical teaching items to share with their Life Groups and make these items easily accessible,” said Jennifer Sell, Northview’s director of small groups placement. “The library allows them to share resources available and not have a big cost involved or have pressure put on leaders to feel they needed to purchase and find a study.”

Sell added that Capstone has been very supportive in stocking Life Group study materials.

“Often groups are not sure of what they want to study next,” she said. “Being able to browse through the materials can help them decide on studies. Scott is also working on a system for leaders to “rate” the studies they have done, which should be helpful to other leaders trying to decide on a particular study.”

DVD small group studies on various topics are available along with book studies and leader-training materials; they can be downloaded from

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