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Mall Mayhem proves teens can be fashionable and modest

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012


Who has the hottest outfit? How much neon is too much? Should I buy the TOMS or the Top-Siders to complete the look? Fashion is an area for teen girls where following the crowd is easy, especially when provocative choices are even pushed by retailers today, and several ongoing trends are not exactly modest.

Since the Mother-Daughter Mall Mayhem event hit Northview Church’s Carmel campus in March, chances are good that 101 young ladies and their mothers now look at shopping and fashion differently. These seventh- to 12th-grade girls and their mothers converged on North Beach to have a fashionable afternoon of mother-daughter bonding and retail therapy – just in time for spring break shopping.

Sometimes meaningful conversations between parents and their teens are difficult, so when the fun began with a game and photo booth, those in attendance were able to let loose and get a little silly. Mothers and daughters enjoyed lunch together, complete with questions on their placemats to ask one another to open lines of communication. Each table had a team name, and after lunch, those six to eight people joined forces at the mall on a scavenger hunt of epic fashionable proportions.

While at the mall, there were several tasks to quickly complete. Amid plenty of laughter, daughters chose outfits for their mothers and mothers chose outfits for their daughters. They found cute (but appropriate) swimwear and hunted hastily for locations in the mall shown to them by photos. The team that accomplished the most of the scavenger hunt was the winner, and that was Dream Team No. 1.

This first-time event was a smashing success, as was the fabulous speaker and special guest for the event, Brenda Sharman. Sharman is the founding national director for the international faith-based organization called Pure Fashion. She has modeled for 20 years and competed successfully in numerous pageants, including winning the title of Miss Georgia USA. She is passionate about promoting change in our culture with the “Modesty Movement.”

Sharman spoke about dressing fashionably without sacrificing modesty and stressed that it is possible to be pretty without being provocative. Sharman asked the girls a question that resonated with many in attendance. “Do you want to be considered a toy or a treasure?” A toy is disposable; something or someone to throw away when the next best thing comes along, and a treasure is of high value, to be treated with respect.

“As a mother, I enjoyed spending time with my daughter Emily, seeing the smiles on her face and building relationships with other daughters and mothers,” said Liz Jewell, the high school associate for Northview Students. “We had fun being silly together. As a staff person, it was nice to see it all come together. Mothers and daughters were able to leave with a better understanding of one another.”

Mothers and daughters gathered at North Beach for lunch and to listen to guest speaker Brenda Sharman discuss dressing modestly.

Amanda Degler, Northview Students junior high associate, said she was also pleased with the event.

“Mall Mayhem was a great opportunity for mothers and daughters to spend quality time together to talk about how modesty affects how people perceive them,” she said. “We are looking forward to another mother-daughter event next year.”

The hope is that following Mall Mayhem, the girls who attended will remember some great nuggets of information to share with their friends next time they go shopping, and maybe they’ll have an extra dose of self -confidence as well.

For more information about Pure Fashion or Brenda Sharman, visit

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