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The deaf are heard at Northview Church

Posted by on Mar 25, 2012


A mind that is thirsty for the words and teachings of God, a heart that yearns for that right relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, but a door is standing in the way.

This is the deaf community and the door is not their lack of hearing, but the lack of progression in facilitating means for them in a church setting. This is all changing in an exciting way here at Northview Church’s Carmel campus. God is helping guide Beth Liller, a Northview volunteer, to unlock those very doors and connect people to Himself and people with people.

Executive Pastor Mark Crull explained the entire process of how a deaf ministry began as being very organic in nature. The plan started with a good friend of Beth’s who is hearing impaired and wanted to begin actively seeking God last December following the annual Christmas concert. A chain of blessed events and interactions led to an interpreter being present in a service. The Christmas Eve service was approaching and there was interest for another interpreter. Steve Boles, who attends Northview and owns an interpreting company, was happy to donate his time and talents to the cause. After that service things escalated and Beth realized a deaf ministry could be born at Northview with the help of some amazing and devoted volunteers.

Steve Boles will be filling in the volunteer spaces so that every Sunday’s 11 a.m. service will be available to the deaf community. An interpreter will be sitting on a stool on the left side of the stage in front of the first pew. All those interested and needing this service can be seated in that section and experience the fulfillment, love and lessons that the hearing Christian community has been able to get through Northview during the weekend services.

The deaf ministry has a large outlook into the future. There are at least two people helping out with Northview Kids and three others who will be helping Beth along the way as she leads this growing ministry. She is hoping to gain more and more help so that Northview may eventually be able to have volunteer interpreters for Alpha, Discipleship Walk, Life Groups, etc. This ministry is opening the doors for so many who want to have God in their lives, but have been stopped from growing that relationship before.

The deaf community is rich in love, understanding, happiness and generosity. These are the qualities Northview will become even more saturated with as this community is welcomed in. Northview Church and the deaf community are equally blessed through this ministry.

Though Beth Liller has been attending Northview for over 12 years, on the worship team for 10 years, served with Studio 6.7, Alpha, Discipleship Walk, Life Group leadership and Mission trips this is the service that “makes my heart beat faster”.

To find out more about the deaf ministry and to get involved please contact Beth Liller at

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