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Here we grow again!

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011

by Jeff Pinyot


Hey, Northview Church, it’s time to take this show on the road… again! We are proud to announce the starting of another Northview multi-site (MS). This time, a little closer to home, but in an area that is ripe for the planting and eventual harvest: the Geist area.


Please join us in welcoming John Smith as the Geist campus pastor. John and his wife Jeanne have two daughters, Emily and Abby. The girls attend Carmel High School and both are active in dance, theater, music and, of course, North Beach!


John is a graduate of Northern Iowa University (did you know that NIU has an indoor football stadium?) and Jeanne, a graduate of Anderson University (AU does not have an indoor football stadium). John met his wife where we all want our children to meet their future spouses – at church, where they were both active singles leaders at the Church at the Crossing. Jeanne left her teaching position at IPS Schools when she and John were married, and they served many years in campus ministry for Student Venture, the high school arm of Campus Crusade for Christ. John felt the Lord’s calling and left Student Venture to be a youth pastor at the Crossing. After serving in that capacity for five years, he felt the Lord leading them to serve the community’s at-risk students through Shepherd Community. In his role as Director of Interns and Fellows at Shepherd, among other responsibilities, he lead an outstanding college intern summer program, connecting college leaders into service opportunities within the Shepherd Community. John tendered his resignation at Shepherd after once again following the Lord into new ministry areas and uncharted waters. Jeanne returned to her love of teaching last year and currently is an instructional assistant at Forest Dale Elementary in Carmel.


John is a confident leader who builds consensus, is gentle yet strong, and leads by his own example – whether as a father, husband or group leader. John and Jeanne have attended Northview for four years and have served in many capacities of leadership here. Currently John and Jeanne serve as Adelfotes leaders. And as you might expect, to get a respite from three women, John is a lover of the outdoors – hunting, fishing and camping are all ways to put a grin on his whiskery face.

When asked about Jeanne, John commented that “Jeanne is equally as gifted in ministry as I am and a great asset.” He also added that the girls have shown their leadership as evidenced by Emily leading an eighth grade girls Bible study at Clay Middle School alongside Katie Crull. You can also find Abby helping on Sunday mornings throughout the church.


Please begin praying about where the Lord might be calling you in regards to this new multi-site. Northview will be looking for as many as 150 people to join the Smith family and give a one-year commitment to attending and offering leadership to this extension in true W+2 fashion.

John’s vision for the multi-site is this: to reach into a community with the AUTHENTIC Christ. He sees this new multi-site as a place to connect people with God and people to people. What drives John in this new ministry is not to see transfers from other churches, but to grow the field of believers by reaching new people for Christ, equipping others to lead and to look for prodigal returns – those that want to come back to Christ after unsuccessfully wandering into the world.


How can you pray for John and the new Geist MS? John asked that we pray for those families that the Lord will be calling to join them. Specifically pray for the leadership team, who the team members will be and for God to prepare their hearts to say yes.

You can also pray for clarity on which community in which the site will launch. Finally, would you agree to pray for protection on his family as they jump into this boat of new trials, tribulations and triumphs?

There you go, Northview! Now you know the Smith family. Stop and say hi to John when you see him. If you don’t know what he looks like, just look for a handsome guy with a mustache hanging around three beautiful ladies. That is John Smith beside Jeanne, Emily and Abby.

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