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Baptism is a testimony

Posted by on Feb 17, 2011

by Nancy Price

Eight years ago, Scott Edwards had everything most people would want in life:  a family, a good job and a nice house. However, he felt that something was missing.

Every day, he worked hard at his job and then came home to eat dinner and watch TV with his wife and kids. Edwards thought he was suffering from a dull life and assumed what he needed was excitement, fun and more material possessions.

“You don’t need a yacht to experience the beauty of the ocean,” Edwards said. “I was chasing the yacht and not the beauty of the ocean.”

As his marriage crumbled and ended in divorce a year later, he also lost his job and home. Edwards began to suffer from depression and anxiety and sought help from his physician, who recommended that Edwards pray and attend church.

“I thought this was Peter Pan advice,” he said. “However, I was at the end of my rope and losing grip on my reason to live.”

Edwards started going to church, praying and studying the Bible.

“As I read the Bible, my ignorance was taken away,” he said. “I began helping others out and living a Christian lifestyle, though I had not asked for forgiveness from God or reconnected with Him.”

Edwards began attending Northview Church in 2009 with his new fiancé and decided to take the Alpha class last year.

“The Alpha course at Northview helped me to more visually understand the true level of forgiveness and grace I had received and that I would never earn or deserve this level of forgiveness, so I made the decision to accept Christ into my life,” he said.

After concluding the Alpha course, Edwards signed up to be baptized.

“To me, baptism means an outward symbol to the rest of the world that I have accepted Christ and represent Him,” he said. “I have met and know a lot of closet Christians. They engage in all the activities that everyone else engages in: gossiping and holding grudges. I couldn’t tell they were Christians by their actions. I don’t want to be a closet Christian. If you have to guess that I’m a Christian, I’m not doing my job.”

As a result of being baptized, Edwards said he has chosen to walk in Christ’s shadow.

“When people look at me, they should see Him,” he said. “I’d rather appraise God than appraise myself.”

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  1. AMEN!!!

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